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“Anatomy 101” art print

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Printed on mat 300gm FSC certified wood-free paper

This piece refers to the irony of the hyper-sexualization of female presenting bodies, contrasted with the complete oversight of the clitoris: the whole purpose of which is to provide pleasure. Breasts and vulvas are only important to the extent that they serve cis male pleasure or child breeding. But as soon as these elements are out of the equation, they automatically become taboos or just unnecessary to discuss: for example, we love porn but don’t want to see breast-feeding in public and nipples are “against community guidelines” on social media. In the same vein, so many myths have grown about the mysterious clitoris! Since it is not a necessary part for cis male sexual pleasure nor for breeding, it has been so disregarded that we didn’t even fully know what it looked like until 2009?! What is more, it is so commonly neglected when we talk about sexual pleasure from a heteronormative perspective, that queer sexuality is often invalidated when it centres stimulation of the clitoris instead of penetration.
But, in reality, the clitoris is not all that mysterious, hard to find, or understand how to please. So let’s just pay a bit more attention to it!