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Fundraising for the Homeless Black Trans Women fund

Thank you all so much for coming together to donate to the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund!

In the past week you all beautiful humans ordered a total 100 pins, so today I placed a donation from all profits (€250/ $282).

The Homeless Black Trans Women fund has already helped so many women in need, supporting a beautiful community that has suffered/been overlooked, and focusing on providing sustainable housing. Their mission is to establish a network of Trans-led and Trans-owned, sustainable housing for Black Trans women, prioritizing those who are homeless, sex workers, or living with HIV. They also plan to invest in projects that are serving Black trans women and providing sustainable resources for their futures.

If you want to find more info or wish to donate more, you can find the advocate of the fund here: Click Link.

Thank you for supporting the Black Lives Matter and especially the Black Trans Lives Matter movement and I hope that by wearing your pins you can advocate more and foster fruitful conversations!

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