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Queer Art Clube Zine workshop

In February 2024 I had the honour and joy to host a zine workshop for my beloved Queer Art Club (QAC) in Maastricht.

Having fallen in love with reading, collecting, and making zines myself over the past year, it was so fun to host a workshop on them! The event was very inspiring creatively and the atmosphere just as wholesome as all QAC events!

Zines are small self-published magazines focused on self-expression. They foster community, inform, and entertain their readers. They are a form of radical communication and an important vehicle for activism, and feature personal, social, and political expressions. They are a platform for marginalized voices not represented in mass media and create community through shared lived experiences, as well as networks between under-represented groups. The civil rights, feminist, and early queer liberation movements all used zines!

The Queer Art Club is a local group of fellow queer people who love creating art! The club hosts monthly workshops on a variety of mediums, technics, and themes, from sewing and pottery to a queer prom! As a member of the club myself, I love and cherish it as the precious safe space that it is, in a small city like Maastricht that needs more and more inclusivity.

You can find more about the Queer Art Club and its events here.

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