Afroditi's Art - Unique, Handcrafted Art and Stationery Interview & Body Positive Campaign

In the summer of 2021, together with a team of other incredible Greek female artists, I was approached by for a collaboration. is a Greek news and media website and as part of their mission to represent women without a filter, they initiated a body positive campaign showcasing the artwork of a variety of female artists inspired by summer and self acceptance.

While navigating my own journey with self love and confronting my internalized fatphobia, it has been so impactful to see the discourse on the topic become louder and more prevalent. Witnessing wider representation in the art-world and social media is incredibly empowering and makes me hopeful for a future of body neutrality and better mental health.

You can view the illustrations and get inspired by all the artists and their stories here, and you can read my interview here. 

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