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Periods Have No Gender Campaign

In December of 2021, the University of Maastricht newspaper "The Observant" was asked by the Feminists Of Maastricht group to edit their report on free menstrual products becoming available at the University campus so as to refer to "people who menstruate" instead of "women". The paper, however, responded by stating that: "This is a fairly new discussion in the gender field that has not yet crystallised into generally accepted conclusions. Until then, we have decided to stick to conventional terms and notions: women menstruate." Reacting to this stance, the local activists created the Periods Have No Gender campaign, creating and distributing posters with the message "periods have no gender", calling the Observant out for their discriminatory attitude and prompting inclusive language. The campaign invited local artists to design different people who menstruate to be featured in each poster, and I was honored to participate.

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