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Logo for EuroTeachers

In the fall of 2020 I was commissioned by EuroTeachers to design their new logo.

EuroTeachers is a non-profit student-run group organizing workshops for local school students. They have a European focus, with the topics of their workshops ranging from culture and identity to immigration and ecomonics. Their goal is to educate young people on current European affairs so that they can make full use of the democratic rights the Union bestows upon them.

Working with their lovely team was an absolute pleasure and I am very pleased with the final result! I chose a color palette that is alligned with the colors of the European Union flag, as do the stars and diverse hands, reflecting diversity, unity, and positivity. The open book, finally, is a a representation of the educational element of the EuroTeachers mission, with pages that are still blank, awaiting to be filled with what the minds of the future -ie the young students- will inspire.

Find more about EuroTeacher here.

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