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"Accentuating Voices of Solidarity" initiative

I was recently invited to participate in an amazing project, initiated by Belonging.txt and titled "Accentuating voices of solidarity".

Bringing together a variety of artists from different backgrounds, they created a calendar of 2021 in an effort to grow togetherness and raise awareness. All proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to the Search And Rescue Foundation.

With each month, the calendar shares the stories of more than 12 people that take the viewer/ reader on an emotional journey between different artistic interpretations of not belonging. The purpose of it is to foster a bridge to overcome territorial and temporal boundaries and strive for solidarity and humanity.

My contribution for the calendar is a design inspired by the beauty and fluidity of female bodies. The purpose behind this piece is both to celebrate women and their bodies, as well as to challenge stereotypes about them and normalize seeing them, respecting them, and adoring them in all their forms.

To find out more about belonging.txt and contribute to their efforts by purchasing a calendar go here, and to learn more or donate to the Search and Rescue Foundation here.


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